In the mood for love

Strangers in my pants / what are they doing?

One Derful Thing

For today’s One Derful Thing, respond to everything, every response, request, question (you get the idea) with a yes. Even if you don’t want to. And. Give yourself permission to change your mind. Notice what happens at a sensory / physical level when you say yes to different things. Notice what happens when you change your mind to ‘no’. See if you can detect any physical responses people have. Report back what you find in the comments.

Weekly Playlist

This is a cold week. I find that when things get cold, I go to Jamaica in my mind. As such, it’s been a week of Dub. King Tubby playlist after playlist connected me with artists that I had forgotten like Burning Spear. It has also connected me with new artist to follow. Super Ape by The Upsetters is a great title for the Foolsletter.

The album cover alone is worth the post

Oddball video of the week Fritz and Gloria

So, I’m a Gestalt psychotherapist. In the Gestalt community people like to get really upset about the impact of Fritz Perls. He’s regularly accused of receiving all of the credit for the proliferation of the work. There were other people involved, but Fritz was certainly the most interesting and impactful. This video is a classic shown at many Gestalt Therapy schools. People get upset that Fritz is too aggressive. Aggression is essential to our humanity. We take perfectly good apples and aggressively destroy them with our nasty, brutal, violent teeth. Then we use our internal acid to transform this organic matter into energy.

There is no life without some form of aggression.

This video was pulled from three different therapists working with Gloria.

Here is the full video with Carl Rogers and Albert Ellis. Rogers is fine. Every counsellor needs a bit of Rogers ‘unconditional positive regard’ for the client. Having said that, this approach leaves little room for the therapists resentment and aggression within the therapeutic relationship. Ellis? His work isn’t my cup of tea.