I'm getting rid of it!

honest buy and sell advert #1

Or perhaps this is the TMI advert.

Either way…

Moving with Doc

And a few riffs on stuff.

I’ve got a lot of shit.

So much shit.




So much shit.

When I was younger, I moved a third of the way across the continent on a train.

I had a backpack. A trunk. A bicycle and a guitar.

My worldly possessions.

Keroac echoed in my heart.

There was nowhere to go but everywhere…

I returned home with a moving van filled with shit and a mini van filled with love.

Two dogs. One cat and three wonderful humans. Living breathing delights. Who happen to be giant pains in my ass. This is good.

And so?

Back to Doc

Doc said, in a time when we moved a lot, 

You don’t own your shit, your shit owns you.

At the age of 25, this hadn’t occurred to me. And, this was how I lived.

I carried what I could. I moved what was necessary. I wasn’t that free a spirit though. Most of my shit lived with my parents still.

Now as a therapist?

This shit is so true. Not just as the physical shit that has cluttered up my house, or has been abandoned to the must of my parents basement, but also the emotional shit in my life. 

It’s no wonder there’s so much pain in hoarding…

So this week in the Foolsletter?

I’m gong to sell some of my shit.

Shit that I neither want nor need.

Shit that I’m going to have fun writing about, sharing and posting.

I’m not actually trying to sell this shit to you. 

I’m mostly looking to sell this shit in a really far to honest way and see who buys it.

I might perhaps write about my adventures in getting rid of shit.

Shit is real

For Sale:

Xcel Infinity 6/5/4 wetsuit

You wanna learn to surf?

Just trying to stay in the water a little longer this summer?

Aspirational Batman?

No really, If you haven’t had a wetsuit, you put this bad m/f on? You’re going to feel like batman!


You’ll feel like some poor little traumatized rich kid with two dead parents and more money than brains.


That’s not exactly right.

This wetsuit has been used.

A lot.

It’s not entirely in mint condition.

(you’ll find this story is better told by the price)

This suit will keep you toasty roasty all summer and into the end of October if you invest in boots and gloves.

I’ve worn it as a second suit into this past December.

But now?

I’m making space.

It’s not the suit, it’s me.

Actually it’s the suit.


If you have a shitty ex who you don’t like?

Get them this suit and have them wear it in March.

Do you have an ex that you’re furious with?

Then this is the wetsuit for them

Blown out crotch seals = tiny microjets of water so icy cold it sears your flesh.

So,if you’re like most and put on wetsuit without underpants? 

Seared sausage and pork bits.

Delicious when served with a full bodied red…

Finally, though it has been cleaned, I have peed in this wetsuit. 

Likely by mistake. 

Not in an attempt to warm up

(top gear top tip: it doesn’t work)

Definitely years ago.

But this wetsuit, and any used wetsuit you buy?

They have most definitely been peed in.

And the rentals you’ve used at the beach?

Them too.

It’s like a giant intimate, clingy, swimming pool that gets to reach down and touch all the parts.

We all know it's full of pee.

We all agree to ignore this reality.

How else is this true in your life?


Or will trade for something fun or useful

Remarkably Foolish Video of the week

Thanks to Dennis for sending me this one! It’s from the Czech Republic. It is for children. It is illuminating.

What do you make of this?

One Derful Thing

Spend an hour moving backwards.

For the next hour (or while it is convenient)

Spend the hour walking and moving about the world backwards.

Walk backwards.

Stand up backwards.


Up and down backwards (take your time and be precise).

Walking to the restroom?'


Let me know how it goes.