Ian Mitchell Onederful

I.M. Onederful? Really? That guys a dink

So. I’ve introduced you to Snappy. Snappy? He’s an asshole. And he’s grounded. Now? I’ll introduce you to another friend of mine - Ian. Actually, his full name is Ian Mitchell Onderful - I.M. Onederful. We just call him “Meester” for short.

Meester Onederful is a great guy. Modest? Not so much. For Meester Onederful everything is just that - Wonderful. Just ask him: How’s life Ian? Wonderful. He actually can’t answer any differently.

Ian could be walking around Nearly Headless and his answer? No problem. I’ve got this. There is a problem here. Once your head is separated that far from yourself, you’re fucked. Ian frequently walks around with his head barley stuck to his neck. Perhaps it hurts somewhat, but Ian has a name and a mantra all in one: I. M. Onederful.

This can be a noice thing - pawsitivity. It’s also regularly an illusion. Ian? Your head seems to be coming off. 

His remarkably foolish response: Wonderful! It’s coming off beautifully. Could you imagine a head coming more detached, more quickly? I. M. Onederful doesn’t suffer.

Or, that’s what he’d like you to think.

Ian is the king of the Instagrams.

He gets the hearts and the likes and the tweets and the shares and the shout outs and all of the things. Wonderful! He tells himself.


At the same time?

He’s difficult to be around.

He’s hurting and isn’t aware of it.

He’s pretending that life is better than it is.

He’s afraid.

He’s hiding.

He needs help and his pride is in the way.

His biggest problem? He thinks he’s perfect even though he’s struggling.

He can’t reconcile the fact that he thinks he’s wonderful and his life is not so top top.

He can’t bear the idea that there are other people who don’t think the same about him.

How do you deal with Meester Onederful?

How are you like him?

How are you different?

What does Meester Onederful need?

One Derful Thing

Ian didn’t create these One derful things.

Whatever would give you that idea?

Speaking in tongues

This one might be just odd enough.

Gibberish is a fun language to speak.

It doesn’t have to mean anything.

Here’s a video to let you know what that can look like.

Today, find an opportunity to speak in Gibberish.

Say whatever you need to say in a short, precise and concise way. Then? Tell people that this is an ancient saying of the (make up the name) people. Then proceed to tell them what your gibberish means.

Ie: gla din whoodur xzchend frau paum

Which is from the ancient Gruffolk of Lower Upperton and means “The hammer that hits can also pry”

Actually it means nothing. Meaning is what we make it.

How ridiculous and outrageous can you be with this?