I was hungry

Hangry really...

A sense of humour is essential.


I thought I lost mine.

I was standing in a line up.


Hangry really.

In front of me?

A loving couple.

And someone having agreatbigwonderfulday! (woo!)


Someone insisting on EVERYBODY they spoke to on having agreatbigwonderfulday.

Me? Polite.

And hungry.

Hangry really.

But still. Polite. Insisting on being polite.

And hungry.

Hangry really.

Seven minutes.

I timed it.

Seven minutes to order a shared lunch for two

At a counter.

Pollyanna was on fire.

This person.

They were playing such a high note

(and I was grumpy by then)

That I needed to insist.

Insist on being an Eyore as a counterpoint to his Pollyanna.

I needed to insist on pouting.


These happy people?

The putrid perpetually happy people?

They are not happy people.

They are terrorists.

These emotional fundamentalists are militantly intolerant of the diverse range of emotions and experiences available to we humans.

They really are not ‘happy’.

They are simply working to change the field of experience to support their emotional needs and desires to hide and squish down anything that’s nasty and negative while at the same time failing to see the nasty underbelly of good intentions…


Maybe I need to talk to someone…

I got to the counter.


I was polite.

And hungry

Hangry really.

I wanted to pout.

I took a breath and smiled and let him take care of me.

I sat down.

I ate.

I felt better.

Grateful really.

And I laughed at how cranky I became because for seven short minutes three people had a good time.

One Derful Thing

Shut your eyes

Go to a public place where you have a very reasonable expectation of safety. If this does not exist in your world. Do not do this. Be the best judge of your safety. If this doesn’t work, consider ways you can adapt to your situation.

***that was the Dartmouth Disclaimer***

Go to a public place like a grocery store or a big open park, or the seaside. Stand still with your eyes closed for as long as you can stand it.

Notice the sensations, thoughts and feelings that emerge as you do this.

How long can you do it? What happens when you try this different places at different times?

***If you don’t feel super safe doing this, get a buddy to come and do it with you. Take turns. Look after each other and have fun ***