I left it behind

And it felt goooooood.

I walked home without a bag.

My notes, my dreams.

The outlines and ideas

the frameworks

the structure

the books

the PDFs

The laptop

The connection

the invoices

The clients

The detritus of my day

The ideas

The notes

All of them.

Left behind

In a backpack. Slumped on the floor.


Enlightenment comes in many ways.

One Derful Thing

Whizzing with the Whiz Pops

You are going to engage in teaching the world a song.

You can do this anywhere that you engage with others.

You get to do this without actually explicitly teaching them.

Still with me?


It’s about to get weird.

Create a rhythm for yourself, sing a little song to yourself. Here are the lyrics:

Whizz! Pop! Whizz! Pop!

Bing bang bong

Your part is to get someone else to sing the Bing Bang Bong part without telling them the words.

How then, will you accomplish this?

Let me know if you have success or questions around implementation.