i am hans

and i am franz

and we are here to pump

you up.

Some things repeat.

Most of my life I’ve had Arnold Schwartzenagge’s voice in my head


And I love Kevin Nealon’s version of Arnold - maybe even more than Arnold himself.

Other times when hanging out with my father, we start Seinfielding.

You start Seinfelding?

We start Seinfelding?

You start Seinfelding?

We do. We start Seinfelding. Spontaniously. We can’t control it.

You can’t control it?

We can’t control it.

You get the picture.

Aside from irritating everyone but us,

(screw them)

We have a lot of fun.

It's a great framework to play with.

And it comes from repetition.

This Foolsletter has become a bit like that.

I’m not repeating myself too frequently.


It’s a fun framework to play within.

It’s a place to get reps.

It’s a place to make like Hans and Franz and pump up creativity.

Over 200 emails so far.

Anyone out there want to learn about how daily creativity can transform your life?

Drop me a note and I’ll let you know about an upcoming experience I’m crafting that will help you pump up your creativity.

Until then?

Listen to me now and believe me later…

Here’s some classic Jerry, Elaine and George