How to cook a kitten

Part the Eighth

Guest writer: Ivy Rickard

you need large box,

duct tape,


cat food.

Put cat food in box.

Attach string with duct tape to the open flap.

Wait for cat behind bush.

When cat enters box pull string to close box.

Serve with beans rice and corn.

One Derful Thing

They say that our eyes are the gateways to our souls.

I get that. If I entered your body through your eyes and kept travelling?

I would likely end up at the soles of your feet eventually.

Regardless of that, if they truly are gateways to our souls, why not play with the door?

As a child I loved gates. I would slam them shut on my friends, climb them or use them as swings.

Now? You get a chance to play with these gateways.

Notice your eyes.

Make them big.

Then make them small.

How slowly can you shift from big to small?

How many ways can you move them around?

Side to side?

Cross eyed?

Once you’ve played with your eyes in front of a mirror and you know that you can do weird things with them?

Try it in a conversation.

How strange can you be with your eyes?

How outrageous can you play with them?