How to cook a kitten

The kitten abides

On occasion

Fresh kitten delivered in box.

Better than big toe from Bunny.

(the kitten abides)

Call Jeff.

Kittens for sale?

fresh, free shipping, in its prime

Upon arrival,

Preheat oven,

Open box

Press kitten to eliminate air.

Use foot of human.

Oh the agony of de feat.

One Derful Thing

Let’s take throwing and dropping balls a little farther today.

Last time?

We were working on throwing balls and letting them fall.

You can use balled up socks for this. The more the better.

We were initially doing one hand then the other.

Today we’re moving on to two.

Today we’re throwing one ball after another and just watching them fall.

So. Take a sock ball in each hand.

Say this out loud:

Throw throw.

In the time it takes to say that, throw a balled up sock on each word:

Throw, throw.


Instant later, you should hear them fall at the same rate.

Drop drop.

Do this every day for the next week.

Seven days. Thirty throws a day.

Over two hundred and ten socks have fallen to the ground.

Total dust mite carnage.