How to cook a kitten

Pancake edition

Humans not let I get cat.

New plan, need:


Steam roller.


Cast iron skillet.


Hire road crew to fix road

(sneak out, dig hole while humans sleep)

Once road crew arrive feed catnip to kitten

Lure kitten in front of pavement roller.

(use catnip for this)

Once kitten flat, transfer from road to skillet with spatula.

Pan sear.

Add salt to taste.

(invest in patience. Proper conditions may take time)

One Derful Thing

More on juggling…

Last week we were working on doing things wrong intentionally. People struggle to make mistakes. People resist doing things poorly. As such, people stop learning.


It was a juggling experiment where we were focusing on throwing.

This week?

Do the same again.

And this week?

Focus on throwing from your non dominant hand.

This is one of the great things about juggling. It requires you to have your non dominant hand function just as well as your dominant one.

So every time you start throwing twenty or thirty socks as though you were juggling them. Just let them fall. We’ll think about catching things in July.


This is the second week of June.

If you want to juggle well, focus on throwing and not catching.

And let’s do this for weeks.

Let’s struggle together for weeks.

And then?

We’ll add the catching.