How to cook a kitten

Part the meow

Supplies: Kitten. Frying pan. Gas light. Net.

Capture kitten. Use net.

Place kitten in frying pan.

Turn on heat.

When kitten complain pain hot. Say. Pan not hot. Pan nice.

Kitten still complain? Use gas light more. Tell kitten pan cooling down soon.

WARNING: Do not taste own medicine. Gas light confuse.


Where you go meow?

One Derful Thing

Take a shower today. Notice as the water runs over your body. Hold different parts of yourself under the stream.

Notice the sensations on your skin.

Notice the sensations after you pull yourself out from under the spray.

Speak out loud. Name the body parts as you place them under the flow of the water:

This is my arm.

This is my calf

This is my bum.

(do your bum lots)

Notice the feeling of your skin.

Notice where you start and where the water begins.

Notice that after leaving the shower, you skin is still reacting to what just happened.

Notice how long it takes for your skin to get back to normal.

You might discover this by noticing the sensation of your skin or by noticing colour changes.

Either way.

Have a shower. Enjoy the feeling of yourself, your skin.