How to cook a kitten

The Sizzling Summer edition.

Oven hot.

Stove hot.

Under bed?




Next to toilet?

Hot and wet.



Need new option.

Not BBQ.

No thumbs.


Get sidewalk.


Wait two hours.

Grease sidewalk.

Use butter.

Add kitten.

Let fry 4 minutes per side.

Serve with toast.

One Derful Thing

What it is?

What is it?

Get a paper bag and three or four distinct objects.

Perhaps an orange, a book, a hammer and an odd shaped candle holder.

Put one of the things in the bag.

Bring the bag to someone else.

Have them feel the objects therein one at a time.

Can they guess what’s in the bag just by touch?

Have them hold the object for a few moments.

Instruct them to feel as many details in the object that they can.


Have them put the object down and recall how it felt.

This can be written or spoken.

You can do this yourself.

Even with objects you have chosen.


Let’s try to remember how things ‘feel’ in your hand.