How to cook a kitten

Part the most recent

Combine two parts determinism

Add a scoop of phenomenology.

Attach rocket shoes to feet.


Kitten chase (avoid rock)

Where did the ground go?

Say good by with a sign that I hold up.


Serve with bauxite.

One Derful Thing.

Pretending to be someone else pretending to be you

This one might be a bit tough.

(that’s why I burred this beneath cat photos)

This is also a primary short circuit tool to get a lot of your shit flowing at the same time.

This is some high level stuff. Do not attempt this if you’re in a super sensitive phase.

This is also an exercise that you can set the tone for when you ask for help.

Here it is:

Pretend to be someone else pretending to be you.


Other people see us differently than we see ourselves.

If you can’t imagine what others pretending to be you might look like there’s a risk.


An opportunity.

What if -

You asked them to do a spoof of you, pretend to be you.

Then you could imitate them imitating you.

One question remains,

What does it feel like when you pretend to be you?

Let me know if this is confusing.