How to Cook a Kitten

Part the refresh

This bit?

Bit stale.

Need refresh.


1 zip lock bag

1 orange rind

1 kitten.

Place kitten and orange rind in zip lock bag.

Seal zip lock bag.

Shake all contents.

Wait one week.

Remove kitten.

Note: Moisture content has increased.

Enjoy kitten moist and refreshed.

On Yesterday

Yesterday it looked like I was writing about Karl, Carole and Carl.

They were all the same person.



Voice to text has its limitations.

Yesterday I rushed.


I took little care with anything.

(poor preparation on my part)

Thanks for hanging in with me.

Over 150 foolsletters so far…

One Derful Thing

You’ve likely heard the phrase: Quick on your feet.

This doesn’t always refer to how you move. Frequently, this is linked to being quick thinking.

In the Commedia Dell Arte performances that emerged from the Renaissance, Arlecchino used to communicate how he was thinking through his feet.

Pre-verbal communications specialists insist that the feet are the most honest part of the body.


Notice how you change your feet when you are talking to other people.

Where is your weight?

How far spread apart are they?

How, in relationship to other people do you keep them?

Pay attention to your soles.