How to cook a kitten

pun edition

Today? Not kitten around.

Meow? We cook purr-fek meal from kitten.

Find kitten, less package better. Prevent kitten litter.

Be purr pared.

Feline pan with butter.

Preheat oven, wait for timer ring. It mewsic to ears

Corner kitten.

Have kitten question existence: Tabby? or not Tabby, that is the question.

Argue kitten into pan. Be purrsuasive.

Cut kitten in half. Put front half in pan. Send back half to taxidermist.

Have taxidermist make Cat ass trophy.

Send kitten puns here.

Reply meow.

One Derful Thing


Move like you are coiling your way around a space.

Wind yourself through spaces.

Wind with your words.

How can you move in ways where you are coiling and winding yourself around things?

How can you do this through things.

What comes to mind when I suggest that you wind?

How does this movement change how you relate to others?