Grind it out or walk away

What comes with the sunshine?

There are times when it’s good to grind it out.

There are other times when it’s better to walk away.


I decided, not to walk away.

Nor, to grind it out.

Today, I decided to walk out, into the sun and enjoy the breeze.

How do you know it’s time for fresh air.

One Derful Thing

Thanks for noticing!

I dropped a ball.

Every week for the last 3 or 4, I’d been writing here about juggling.

Juggling requires a comfort with dropping things.


When you’re really comfortable with juggling, you can work dropping stuff into the show.

This one?

I did on purpose.

And you noticed! So great!

So now?

Since you’ve practice throwing and catching with two balls every day for a month, now add the third.

Get good a juggling.

Then drop one.

Who notices if you drop something on purpose?

How could that help?