Grind it. Grind it clean

Axe me about my hatchet

I found a small axe in the trash - a hatchet.

The handle was wrong.

Dried out, broken, splintered and loose, the handle was without a use.

The hatchet head?

Corroded, chipped and ugly.



I have an axe to grind.

I love grinding axes.

This hatchet head?

Something to work on.

I sand and file it regularly.

Years of neglect fade with each pass of my sanding block.

And yet? There are pits and cavities where the corrosion persists.

So I grind.

I insist.

Sure, science could help me shine my steel more quickly.

A caustic chemical could completely clean the clinging corrosion currently.


In this case?

I’m happy to keep grinding.

How foolish eh?

One Derful Thing

Get some sanding paper and a sanding block.

(80 - 100 grit)

Get something that’s painted.

Start sanding.

Notice your thoughts as you do.

What are the grinding, repetitive thoughts?

How do they move?

Where else do I grind in my life?

Where is it satisfying?

Where does the pain persist?

When is this project ‘good enough’?

When is it a good idea to give up?

Can you ‘grind away’ a problem from your mind?