Goals and the golden rope

A riff on mindset

I’m not much of a mindset guy.

I’m more of an acknowledge the much then take action guy.


As I creak away at the now late, yet still moving, Book of Wrong Answers, I’m using a trick my wife used to get the book done.

When Laura was completing the Toronto Marathon she used a golden rope.

When Laura was in treatment for breast cancer she used a golden rope.

She tied that rope around me at the finish line.

She tied that rope around me and the kids while she was in treatment.

And with each footstep in her race

And with each drip from the chemo bag, she imagined herself pulling on that rope.

She used that rope to pull herself through to us.

The rope?

Not tangible in a sense, but very very real.

The golden rope is woven from threads of love.

And using her mind, she hitched it to us and pulled herself through.

A book isn’t quite such a physical accomplishment as a marathon.

It’s not nearly as life or death as cancer treatments.


It’s important right now to me.

So, I have a golden rope, hitched around a goal, a dream and some people.

The book is getting dragged out of me by this golden rope.

It’s a gritty process.

One foot in front of the other.

Drip by drip.

Books can be written.

What’s your story?