food processers for crows

Roadkill part 2

I find it puzzling while driving when some people swerve to avoid running over something that’s already dead on the road.

Not something dying. Something really, for sure 100% dead.

I wonder why.

Are they concerned with having blood and guts on the undercarriage of their vehicle?

(its likely already coated with dead bugs)

Are they worried about sharp, pokey little bones causing a tire puncture?

(not much chance of that)

Are the doing this out of ‘respek for the dead’?

(this is particularly foolish. The dead don’t care. They’re fucking dead. They can’t care - I apply this logic for humans as well)

By swerving?

They could put themselves and others at risk.

What’s more, by mashing the rat corpse into the pavement, you make their mashed up remains infinitely more easy to eat for the maggots and crows that will likely show up soon.

Think of your tires as food processors for crows. The crows get to eat more quickly and are at less at risk of joining their brethren in life’s great buffet.

(You too dear reader, are just worm food waiting to happen)

The point here is this:

Running over an already dead animal doesn’t make it any more dead.

It makes it mushy.

Either keep going straight or get out of your vehicle and give the critter the burial it deserves.

But don’t put the rest of us at risk by swerving.