Flip a coin

Tails every time?

I have a trick coin that I keep in my office.

Both sides are ‘tails’. 

Each time I flip it, it comes up the same way.

Tails, every time. 

This seems to be the case with many of my clients.

They live their life like my trick coin.

They are stuck on one edge of a polarity.

They want to be good, so they can’t be bad.

They are always on time.

So they never can be late.

They want to be happy.

So they push away every other possible emotional and or sensory experience. 

It’s a horrific part of either / or, binary thinking

Polarities plague our lives.

Polarities are places we get stuck.

Polarities can have negative impacts, not just on us, but those around us.

Good or bad.

Gugly (yes ‘gugly or god awful ugly - That Shakelsphere twitidiot invented words, I’m doing it too)

or beautiful.

On or off.

Arrogant or humble.

Nice or asshole.

Smart or asshat.

Black or white.

Habs or Leafs.

Tastes great or less filling.

There’s not a lot of grey to play in there.


The grey areas are the land of shading, of nuance and where change can happen.

Flexibility comes from the understanding that in most situations, things can be both good and bad, depending on where you sit.

What polarities do you find yourself getting stuck in?