Fantastic Spaces

Further developing the onderful idea for ya

It was a long time ago in a small town far far away when I was first looking for them -

the big floppy parts that would grow to become my clown.


Perhaps hatched?




It was in Northern California that I began to first gently welcome Stinky into my life.

There, we studied clown through mask. One of the first exercises we did was called 'Fantastic Spaces'.

In this exercise, the young clown appears on stage and shares with the audience something that they love.

This is done without talking. Typically at the end of this I remember the instructor calling for the clown to share 'one wonderful thing' with the audience. These typically seemed to be moments of shared humanity with an audience member.

So. I'm operating with the following assumptions

1. All the worlds' a stage

2. The people we meet might be players, we may be performing for them.

3. Either way, authenticity is something that is staged (ask me in the comments to write more about ‘staged authenticity’

4. We can create these moments of shared humanity on purpose.

5. Onederful things one day at a time can do that

We can connect with each other in a shared joke.

We can connect with the people by finding a way to let them in on it without giving the game away.

With that in mind, here is the latest edition of One Derful Things

Share The Remarkable Fools Letter

One Derful Thing

Enjoy the Silence

In your conversations today, say a single word to capture the attention of the people you're talking with, then wait. How long can you hold the silence?

How can you play with this? What is the experience like for you?

Tell us about it below.

This isn't an oil painiting.

Any insights? Any funny stories?

Let me know.




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