Downtown Abby and Rosetta Stone

a fun riff on the joy of miss understanding.

When I first heard about this show, I thought it was about an Edwardian prostitute.

Either that or a party church run by hip Trappist monks.

I have also struggled to imagine the size of my kidneys.

As far as I could tell?

Little beans.

How on earth could organs THAT SMALL be so vital to us.

But wait, there’s more.

My wife, for a long time, thought that Rosetta Stone was a blonde woman who developed great language software.

She associated the image from a print ad with the name of the person who developed a product.

She didn’t realize what the Rosetta Stone was, or the role it played in understanding ancient languages.

Little slips.

Small errors?

A delightful way to be imperfek.

A fun way to be stupid.

I’ve shown you mine.

Care to show me yours?

Comment below or reply to this email and I’ll broadcast your stupidity widly.

In addition to that?

I’ll attach your name to it.


So we all don’t feel so fucking alone in our embarrassment and humility.