do ya feel it? in the north it is spring...

The smells are everywhere

Listen to this Meow:

Let the bounce of the bass carry you through the day.

In my world, spring is the season of Disco.

New Love on Soft Earth.

We used to spend hours on soft ground

moving our feet in the mud.

We liked the sensations

and the noises

our feet made with the earth

as we kissed.

One Derful Thing

Everything is bursting back into life!

Isn’t it great?


What a relief.

That cold stuff?

Mostly done.


At various times today when you finish something? Let out a great big sigh of satisfaction.

Butter on your toasts?


Able to reach your feet still?


The daily constitutional has been left to the inner workings of the city’s septic system?


Satisfaction is far too often overlooked.

It makes people feel uncomfortable.

Perhaps it’s part of the Protestant ethos.

No decorations. No pleasure. No dancing. No satisfaction. No Jagger.

It’s time to right a wrong.

It’s time to get satisfaction.


Play with it.

Exaggerate if you must.

(I think you must)

LEt me know how it GOeS

tHanK You ,

(Irritating typing eh? I wish I was sorry to be such a pain)

Still here?

Well that was foolish.

And to honour your stupid way of being in the world?

Bonus stupid (just4u)

Listen to this song and replace the chorus and sing it as loud as you can:

We had joy we had fun

Flicking boogers at the sun

But the sun got too hot

And our boogers turned to snot

You are most certainly welcome

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