do not trim your nose hair

really. It can be problematic

Horrific experience to share.

In an attempt at male grooming, I trimmed the lovely hair that sprout from my nose.

Apparently, they can be distracting.


When they are long, they don’t get ingrown.

This particular nose hair on this particular day?

Particularly problematic.

It got ingrown.

Really ingrown.

So much so that my nose on the right side is large and swollen.

So much so that a little fleck, a whisker started showing up.

Not from the usual nose hair places.

That would of been fine.

No, this nose hair has gotten so ingrown, it has grown through the skin.

In a maelstrom of fluids I will not describe I have liberated my face from this plague.

The hair?

Over a centimetre long.

The cosmetic practices of humans are remarkably foolish.

Any odd cosmetic things that you’ve attempted that you caused you pause and regret?

Perhaps not immediately.

Trimming my nose hair was satisfying at first.

But eventually?

It was harrowing.