Deception and mental health part two

Perhaps we're hiding from ourselves

Once upon a time there was a lamb.

She seemed afraid of everything.


She bleated.


She Baa’ed


She growled.

People stayed away from her

People were afraid of hurting her.

Because if they did, they quickly discovered that she wasn’t a peaceful little lamb at all.

The fragility was a ruse, a mask to hide behind.

Even she couldn’t admit the truth.

She wasn’t a sheep at all.

She was a wolf in a sheep suit.

Cross her?

She’d rip your head off so fast you wouldn’t know what hit ya.


To quote an old joke.

There would be three hits.

She’d hit you.

You’d hit the ground.

And the ambulance?

The ambulance would hit 100k/h (sixty five for you barbarians) taking you to the hospital.