Classic Carlo

The mask of Breghella

I studied in California with an aging master.

My time there was a great one for a fool.

Carlo’s friend Dario won the Nobel Prize for literature.

Carlo’s former mime partner and friend Marcel visited with his character Bip.

Carlo sat with Eugene at a cafe where he described the Rhinoceroses that were stampeding across Europe.

Carlo was from another time.

We of the late 90?

We thought he was insane.

He, citing spontenaiety jumped on top of one of the instructors.

I can’t remember his justification.


It made sense.

Madness, it seems, is more about collective judgement rather than individual experience.

Carlo wasn't foolish. Carlo was an idiot. Carlo was Brighella. Do you know Brighella? 

Do you know Sylvester the Cat? Donald Duck?

Then you know Brighella.

Things just do not go his way. Ever.

Sure, these folks scheme and plan and come up with incredible ideas. These ideas always end up backfiring gloriously.

Brighella always gets it wrong expecting it to go right

Arlecchino? Always gets it right. Expecting it to go right.

The fool is always uncertain. The fool would prefer things not to go wrong. And? They take their own imperfection and the idiocy of others into consideration when coming up with a plan.

How can things go wrong? Let’s make a list and see what we can live with says the fool.

The fool flips between yes and no as though it were playing musical chairs. The fool doesn't care whether they end up winning or losing. They are ready for the next dance.

One Derful Thing

Carlo had many activities that helped us develop our foolishness.

One of the best was a game called Yes, No, Maybe.

Everything you do is either one of these three things.

Yes. I will move forward.

No I will not.

Maybe… I’m stalling to develop the time, energy or resources that I need to go on.

We used to play this game real time.

We would do it with choosing costumes, where to stand or whether or not to allow a pie to be smooshed into our faces.

Take some time today and play Yes, No, Maybe with your life.

What things are a full on yes?

Where do you say no?

What’s going on with maybe?

Are you stalling?

Or are you afraid of committing to either yes or no?

What do you need to do to move your maybe?