care for automatic watches

they need to be shaken in order to keep moving.

When you have an automatic watch. You have to take care of it. Even things that are automatic need awareness, care, time and commitment. 

You need to shake them up to keep them moving or wind them up to make the action happen. 

Now, there are devices that you can use that automatically shake up your automatic watch.

Even that needs a level of awareness, care and attention.

Eventually that watch will get put down somewhere.

Eventually that watch will be forgotten for a period of time.

That automatic watch is going to need to be set.

That automatic watch is going to need to be shaken so it gets going again.

As a therapist?

I frequently help shake up the automatic watches in your life.

With care and attention?

Of course.

And with the knowledge that being shaken can leave you feeling shaky at times.