Call for submissions and The Battle of Hastings 1067

Remarkable Fools Journal

April 1 is new years day for us here at The Remarkable Fools Letter. On April 1, we’ll be publishing The Remarkable Fools Journal. The Journal will come out every two months and will feature reader submissions around a theme.

The theme for April 1 is Embarrassing Then, Funny Meow. In up to 500 words share a story about something that happened in high school. We’re exploring something that was really embarrassing then, but in hindsight, you’re not only able to laugh at it, but share it in a funny way

Readers who have their work published will become ‘Members of Letters’ of the Remarkable Fools Society. You’ll receive accolades befitting someone published in the worlds least prestigious, most foolish and hopefully the most playful online journal - though that may be difficult to quantify.

You’ll also be able to download a PDF certificate confirming your membership to the Remarkable Fools Society. Each additional article you have published in The Remarkable Fools Journal will earn you a ‘degree’. So. If you published in 5 different journals, you would be a Member of Letters of the Remarkable Fools Society 5th Degree.

So. Send in your submissions. Up to 500 words. Were? send it to jim At jimdalling dot com

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The Remarkable Fools Society: Whats it for?

Recently in the media I’ve watched a lot of people desperate. Desperate to be freed from shame. Desperate to be seen. Desperate to be right, to be certain. Desperate, because the alternative is discomfort. The discomfort of facing and dealing with shame. The discomfort of admitting they are wrong. The discomfort of not knowing.

This is creating a crisis. We need to heal from shame. We need to be able to admit when we’re wrong. These are just the basic building blocks for getting along. For being cordial with each other.

As such, one of the next acts of The Remarkable Fools Society will be to create and publish the Declaration of Imperfection. People who sign on to support this declaration of universal human imperfection, this declaration of humanity will become known as “Registered Idiots” and full members of the Remarkable Fools Society.

‘Registered Idiots’ will be allowed to make a mistake. Many people struggle with doing things poorly, learning, and getting it not quite perfect. This makes it difficult to ship. This makes it difficult to take risks. For years, I was looking for someone to give me permission to fail. No one did. So I didn’t do anything.

By becoming a ‘Registered Idiot’, you don’t need to worry about giving yourself permission to do a bad job. We give you the permission. Once a ‘Registered Idiot’, you have full authority to try new things, make mistakes, feel embarrassed and screw things up a bit. This will be free to do right meow.

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One derful thing

We are at a time of increased uncertainty. The paradox is that as things become more uncertain, the more we want certainty, clarity and to have our answers tied up in neat packages. Here at the Remarkable Fools Society, we’re looking for ways to embrace uncertainty in playful ways. One Derful Things are ways to have fun having a joke behind your eyes and have a new relationship with the physical manifestations of resistance to novelty and change as they appear in our bodies.

The Battle Of Hastings of 1067

This one is really a non sequitur. Find as many times as possible to say:

That wouldn’t have flown in the Battle of Hastings of 1067.

Hopefully you can say this to someone who knows that the Battle of Hastings took place in 1066. If someone corrects you, what happens? Experiment with different ways of responding. Take the correction. Deflect. Persist, and find an excuse to be right - ie: They went back the next year. For a sequel. It wasn’t very good. Bit of a cult following sort of thing.

Post about your experience below. I’ll send a postcard to person with the most remarkably foolish story.

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