Boundaries vs limits

A few thoughts from a fast driver

I love driving fast.

I love the feeling of my shoulder pressed into the door as I take a right bend in the road a little too quickly.

Driving is a sensory delight. Speed enhances the pleasure.

This perhaps provides some explanation to my consternation with my municipality. It seems, they do not share my love of speed. With that in mind, the local planning gorpons have been creating irritations. Traffic calming measures. They have installed these devices at strategic spots that, to me, have the opposite impact.

Likely solar powered, these suckers are essentially big public broadcasts of your speed. If you’re going 50 or under it flashes green. Over 50? Red. The fucker tops out at 69.

When I see these digital signs that broadcast my speed, my goal is to see how quickly I can get to 70. I want to bury the radar as quickly as possible. The reward? The sign flashes the words “Too Fast”.

Oh so satisfying.

The sign exists to remind me of my limits. I thank it for the suggestion and proceed.

Each and every car on the road has a different relationship with the speed limit.

Limits are funny things.

So are boundaries.

People seem to struggle with both.


They both have essentially the same definition.

In fact, the word ‘boundary’ uses the word ‘limit’ in its very definition.

It’s no wonder we find these things confusing.

When thinking about boundaries, I like to think about things that are static and ossified. Boundaries are things of consequence. If I were to drive into the boundary on the highway - the cement lane divider - there would definitely be an impact. More than likely a negative one despite your judgement of my driving style.

Speed limits however? They change all the time. 50, 80, 100, ramp speeds etc… We always need to adapt to new and every changing limits. On any journey we’ll encounter many different zones.

Limits are not without their consequences. When you drive faster than the speed limit, terrible things can happen. For the most part they don’t. People speed all the time with few if any consequences.

You’ll get a ticket

Sure. I’ve had one recently.

And? Should I get a bunch of tickets and I’m belligerent? They’d suspend my license.

That however, would take effort on my part.

Boundaries however? They’re a different story.

If we encounter a boundary? Pain.

What we forget however, is that both boundaries and limits are not truths.

They’re a negotiation between people. We have our limits and our boundaries. So do the others.

And they have a different story about boundaries and limits than you do.

So, dear reader?

What’s the difference between a boundary and a limit?

How can you tell the difference?

How does this impact your behaviour?

Remarkably Foolish Playlist

This one is short. Two songs and a funny story. First: Take it to the Limit - for obvious reasons. Second: Yer So Bad.

The last speeding ticket I was tagged with I recieved on the first really nice day of the spring. I was driving down an empty stretch of road before a subdivision. I was just about to get on the brake (fast through forests, slow around people) when I saw the cop. On the radio? Mr Tom Petty with Yer So Bad. I joked with the cop about the irony.

He let me off with a failure obey a road sign which came with a smaller fine and less consequences than a strait ahead speeding ticket.

Remarkably Foolish Video of the Week.

Momma horse with stillborn colt adopts colt whose momma died while giving birth.

This one has all the Awwwwwww feelings. This is less foolish and more onederful.

One Derful Thing

At Cal-tech the engineering department has a problem. Students are arriving there less creative and less ready to experiment than ever. One of the reasons? Children these days don’t take things apart and attempt to put them back together.


Find some old electronic device. Perhaps you can go to a yard sale and purchase a remote control car.

Or, you might have an old hot plate sitting around.

Whatever it is, take it apart.

Get it totally apart.

Look at what you’ve done.

Let it sink in. You just did that.

How do you do it?

Can you tear something apart without breaking it?

Can you get it back together?

What do you do with the parts?

Send me a photo of something you’ve take apart.

Or post it on some social media with this tag: #remarkablyfoolish