Bigfoot sometimes gets confused with sasquatch

Yeti never complains


Bullfighting is monstrous.

The notion of enraging a mighty animal, and slaughtering it for machismo and glory I find disturbing.


There are times when during the grand theatre of this performance, I have compassion for both the bull and the matador.

The bloodthirsty crowd however?

They are pretty darn gross.

The bull?

Sure it charges.

Sure it attempts to gore, maim and kill the matador.

The matador?

Sure they slowly kill these mighty animals.


I admire their evasiveness.

There are days I feel like the bull. Other days I feel like the matador. I am neither.

The crowd though?

I try to refrain from acting like them.

Unfortunately, today, social media has tapped into our inherent bloodlust.

Unless you’re willing to enter into the ring, perhaps it’s better not to scream for blood.