Belling the cat

might not have worked out

Once there was a big fat cat. he terrorized all of the mice of the land.

The mice organized. They had a meeting. It was decided - they would put a bell on the cat and they would be able to run away from him before he ate them.

Putting a bell on a cat was a difficult task. The mice had to set aside all of their petty differences in order to take down a common enemy.

And they managed. Everybody didn’t get everything they felt entitled to. But the big old fat cat had a bell. With this ringing warning, life improved drastically for the mice.

Eventually, that silver tongued fat cat wriggled free. No one was quite certain how, but cheesy bribes were suspected.

Life for the mice became miserable once again. They blamed each other. They called each other out.


Eventually, all of the mice wore bells, put on them by each other.

And that fat cat?

That fat cat never went hungry again.