Are you willing to learn to work for assholes?

A riff on what we get used to

When my grandmother was a little girl it was her job in the morning to empty all of the bedpans.

For those who don’t know, bedpans were where people without plumbing would piss in the night.

My grandmother’s house didn’t have plumbing.


Now it does.

The notion of my 90 year old Nanny pissing in a pot is a bit outrageous given the fact she hasn’t had to in well over seventy years.


If she had to, she could.

Funny thing about this.

No one insists that people should learn to piss in a pot - the way she had to do it.

No one insists that people use a brick in a bucket to break ice out of the well to get water in the morning - the way she had to do it.

Things got better and we accepted them.

A funny thing though?

My children have to deal with shitty schooling.

My children are expected to put up with shitty, incapable and down right rigid teachers.

They have to put up with the kind of people that I would never work for. They are being taught that status and authority comes simply from a title. They are being taught that expectations are done to them rather than co created with them.

Why is this?

Some have insisted to me recently that they had to put up with shitty people as bosses and my children should learn to do the same.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could find a way to teach our children to not work for assholes?

Wouldn’t it be better if everyone who was employed by an asshole just quit?

Somehow this notion of improving standards of living doesn’t seem to apply to having a shitty boss.

Who, dear reader, does learning to work for an asshole benefit?

I’m not so certain that it’s my children.

A capitalist machine that I’m not entirely sold on?

Perhaps more likely.

Schools turn people into widgets.


If my toilet is plugged, I’m calling a plumber. I’m not pissing in a pot. I will not work for assholes.

How about you?

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