another post about josh

josh is perhaps one of the most creative people I know

I reconnected with Josh in PEI.

I was so grateful to see him.

Josh is one of the most creative people I know.

I wrote about him here somewhere.

He starts with a blank sheet and draws lines on a page.

Whether they are musical notes, tricks on a kiteboard or technical drawings that could improve the lives of millions, Josh merely gets to work.

It’s not about ego.

It’s not about him.

It’s about iterating over and over again.

Small improvements every day.

I remember Josh telling me about this years ago.

Back then?

He didn’t think much of what he knew how to do things.

He merely did it.

Recently he encountered people who didn’t know how to work in an iterative way.

They didn’t know how to work with small improvements where the focus wasn’t on any single person’s ‘way of working’ or their approach. The focus for Josh was on making things better.

I was so filled with joy to see him discover something that he took for granted as wisdom for others.

Do you have any wisdom or ways of working that you take for granted?

If so, how might you start sharing it?

Right now, Josh is going one step further with the cool factor.

Like Nobu, he’s betting on himself.

Working that creativity muscle every day.


Making himself and the world more resilient through creative action.

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