An ode to imperfection

A celebration of 85 messages

Welcome to newsletter number eighty five.

Thank you for reading. I am grateful you are here.

Eighty five?

Why celebrate eighty five messages?

Why not.

It’s a perfectly imperfect number of posts. It makes no sense. It commemorates nothing. It is a milestone only to me.

This post? As you read?

It’s a first draft. All of these have been first drafts. Cumulatively, they will become a book.

And right now? Thank you for putting up with and joining me in my imperfection.

I realize that these posts contain typographic and grammatical errors that put additional burden on you, my gracious reader. Thank you for your efforts in wading through some of my lack of technical grace to connect with the intention contained herein.

Our lives are always a first draft. Moment to moment, the logic of the last moment leads us along. Our lives are lively documents filled with errors, gaffs and poor connection. The Fools letter is meant to encapsulate this aspect of our humanity by being playful, lively, edgy, incomplete, not entirely perfect, yet fun - everyday. is how we live life so these are lively documents, the newsletter is meant to feel playful edgy, lively and fun.

One of my favourite movies is Jerry Seinfeld Comedian. There, Jerry returns to working nightclubs with all new material. Everything he tries is a first draft. The work is ALIVE and he’s alive.

When we treat our life like it's a first draft, and we allow ourselves our typos. We allow ourselves mistakes. Mistakes, wonky structured sentences, things that don't quite go together the way we'd like. And yet, we just accept. That's living your life like a first draft. So thank you for joining me here in this first draft.

One Derful Thing

Giving imaginary gifts

Mime an object and give it to people.

Describe it in detail as you do.

Imagine being at a zoom meeting and you tell a person about the sandwich that you had as you mime making it. Hold the mime sandwich up to the camera. Tell them: Imagine just how great that sandwich was?

Do this as you show them the mime sandwich. Take the sandwich and give it to them through your web cam.

See how many people enjoy the sandwich.

Or jump rope.

Or new car.


You get to decide.

Let me know how it goes.