An in person event - looking for your thoughts

an experiment in gathering together inside without masks and introducing the Power Pony!

Ah-hello you my fine reader!

Today I’m here to ask for feedback on an experiment that I would like to explore with you either in person or via correspondence.

Where I am in the world, we can now have up to 10 people at a gathering, inside, without masks. I’m keen on having groups and am excited by the prospect of exploring what it will be like to be in a room with 9 other people will be like again.

As far as we know, things here are fairly safe. People are getting vaccinated at a high rate. COVID numbers are low. There are still loads of restrictions.

As such, I’ve thought of just hosting a night that would focus on people who were on the comfortable side of being with others. We would likely just talk about and explore what it’s like to be in a room with other people again. What does it feel like to be in a room with strangers without wearing masks. What has changed? What feels different?

Either that or we’d just spend some time talking about what this whole thing has been like.

In my practice lately I’m noticing the cumulative impact of multiple lockdowns. I believe that we humans are herd animals. Our nervous systems like being around each other. I can’t prove this, but proximity to others and other mammals likely has an impact on parts of us that we’re working to make more sense of.

So, I’m interested in your feedback. You don’t need to make it a public comment. Simply reply to your emailed copy of the foolsletter.

You’re not getting the daily emails?

And reply to the first email you get from me with your feedback on the gathering idea.

What am I looking for in terms of feedback?

Is this for you?

Do you feel like you can be in a room with 9 others without a mask?

Would you be interested in exploring how the pandemic experience has impacted how you relate on a felt, somatic level to strangers in a room without mask?

Has anything changed?

Is this just a dimwitted idea?

What are you curious about when it comes to this?

This is not some right wing anti mask thing.

It’s just that this pandemic has really changed how people ‘show their face in public’.

And I’m curious about that - especially on a somatic level and how it relates to excitement and deadening in the nervous system.

So, what would we do?

We’d talk and play.

Finally, if you are not here in the Greater Dartmouth Area (GDA), and are curious about how you might run such a night? Let’s talk. I think that there’s something here behind the mask.

One Derful Thing


Today, pretend that you are a pony.

Naw… Don’t just be a simple pony


Embody the Power Pony!

Power Ponies take quick little steps:

Trip trot trip trot trip trot!

Make like a Power Pony!

Take quick little steps

Trip trot trip trot trip trot

Find every opportunity you can to move like a Power Pony!

Take as many little steps as quickly as possible while covering as little ground as possible.