A quick thank you

on the bounce!

First, as right now, my cat is home resting and recovering well.

Thank you for the well wishes for my cat.

He’s a cat.


I have a confession to make.

I’m a bit excited.

Well, I’m more than a bit excited.

Quite excited actually.

The book?

It’s coming together wonderfully.

I had a meeting with my editor yesterday.

We laid it out.

The shape is clear.

And it leads beautifully into the second book.

Seeing it there, on the screen as a map, resource list, plan, table of contents and an emotional arc / tone / point of view / central thesis / thought - seeing all of this was pretty damn satisfying and inspiring.

It was a neat kind of fun. Sophisticated, playful, deeply satisfying, exciting without terror, competence, flow, possibility - all at once.

Grounded giddiness?

Regardless of giddiness, I’ve got my giddy-up going today.

Bouncing, I feel like the embodiment this song:


And this one too:


[if you need some levity and a bounce in your step, add a little Kishi Bashi to your day]

So, again,

Thank you!

Writing the Foolsletter is how this thing has been unfolding so quickly.

Perhaps, I’ll post a bit more about the process.

Bits of levity, delivered daily to your inbox.

More soon!

One Derful Thing

How can you spend more time with a bounce in your life?

How could you bounce a question?

Bounce a voice?

Bounce into a room?

Bounce someone?

What does it feel like to physically make your voice bounce?

How can you bounce in different ways physically?

What happens when you spend time today paying attention to all the bouncy parts of your self.

What would it mean to have a bouncy heart, brain or soul?