a brief history of mobile communications

Car, briefcase, brick, bar, flip, bar, flip

How exciting.

There are fones that fold fand phlip.

It’s remarkably foolish


New and improved?

We fall for it every time

As a child?

My father brought canned bread home from the grocery store.

Canned bread.

Why the hell would he have done that?

It had a sticker on it that said ‘new and improved’

New and improved!

New and improved?

I’m done with new and improved.

What am I looking for?

How about absurd and playful?

One Derful Thing

Here’s an absurd game.

Find times today to perform a silent scream.

Scream without making a sound.

Involve your whole body in the act of screaming.

Scream ugly.


Find some friends whether in person or over a video call. Send them messages.

Conspire together without telling the host.

Then? Send a signal to the group.

Scream together.

Report back how it went.